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Not with tax evasion or Bunga Bunga parties, they beat us for certain. The question for my first visit to Andrew’s Cafe was Spag Bol versus Tag Rag (Tagliatelle al Ragù alla Bolognese) or authenticity versus comfort. @bocca_di_lupo went with @jacobkenedy and @dansaladino for the @bbcfoodprog show to ask the U.K public which they preferred and why. 


In 2018 Andrew’s was threatened with closure by greedy developers: today Andrew’s have survived both them and a pandemic, moving just across the road and still selling their PRICE BUSTING full English breakfast for an outrageous £7.50. I don’t remember if the U.K. or Italy won, but I suspect it was the Spag Bol because I am biased. 


✓ Dirty & Delicious Full English 🥓🍳

✓ Veggie Brekkie Extraordinaire 🥦🍅

✓ Build Your Own Brekkie 🍞🥪

✓ Spag Bol & Spag Cab 🍝🤍

✓ Chicken Kiev 🐔🐓

✓ Omelets & Jacket Potatoes 🥔🧈


Founded 50-60 years ago by Italian brothers and namesakes Andrew & Lorenzo, and today owned by Erdogan, a Turkish Kurd, who is there every day working the grill. This Caff is a testament to hard work, community, and the positive power of immigration. 


Andrew’s Cafe, 59 Grays Inn Road. Wait, do Italians do it better?


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