Today it is @bovril but before their ubiquity, it was ‘beef tea’.


Beef tea has quite the history. It was originally known for its curative properties to ‘restore fortitude’. Florence Nightingale ordered an emergency consignment from @fortnums (their own brew) during the Crimean War. Patients to The London Hospital now @nhsbartshealth would initially subsist on bread, milk and beef tea, with 250g of meat in each half litre.


There’s Bovril in my bedroom. The one of the Highland Cow crying about his lost brother. Back when @topgear was good, they made a meat smoothie using a V8 engine and some Bovril. Peculiarly, there was an advert featuring the Pope blessing some Bovril, and the line ‘the two infallible powers’. I rather enjoyed the one with Jerry Hall saying ‘are you a Bovril body?’


Today Bovril ‘warms up the terraces’. The deep aromatic gel within becomes a restorative elixir that guards against winter chills. Or as a slow sipping cordial during a bedtime read. The cheerfully beefy flavour is also my personal secret ingredient in Spag Bol, Lasagne, and Meat and Onion Pie.


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