Bloody Mary

The staff were just over 18. Probably. As is the way the teenage girls were MATURE, friendly and well put together. However, the boys were weird, mute, and a bit SHABBY.
THE GIRLS πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
I remember those days. I was one of these boys. 18. Living LOCALLY. No direction in life. Pretending to have a job to make Mum and Dad happy. APPALLING haircut. Unable to grow a single chest or chin hair. Sexually confused. I think I am projecting.? Not everyone is sexually CONFUSED. Do not let me be mean. These boys are good people.
From how my Dad tells it, this pub used to be s SHITHOLE. Every pub he went to was a shithole, apparently. Maybe it was because he was there? It isn’t like this today, its very comfortable and sophisticated inside. The Britannia is down an alleyway in Richmond, just off the green. Was Richmond EVER a shithole? I doubt it. However, it was a PROPER pub. He went there with β€˜the boys’ to go β€˜on the RAZZ’. A weird turn of phrase for a 75-year-old.
I went there for a handful of TERRIBLE dates. At some point, they did up the garden, and it is now a sun trap. They started doing good pub food too, lots of OYSTERS. Then the pandemic hit. They are a restaurant now with lots of covered outdoor space. I walk into the bar, try to ORDER a drink like USUAL, and I am asked if I have a reservation. I ask if someone is getting married as the tables all have white tablecloths. The world changes AROUND you.
I had CRAB to start, which was fantastic. The Sunday Roast was decent. It was beef, 5 veg, a Yorkie, and a STUMP of stuffing. My brother-in-law’s vegetarian roast DID NOT come with a Yorkie, which outraged us. I am picky about professionally made Sunday Roasts. It is 3/4 in the afternoon, and I could tell the potatoes have been out of the FRIDGE since 10. Sunday Roast is a TRICKY meal for anyone to make. Good pubs with a brigade of people should be able to do better than this. I’ll RETURN for Not-Roast.
5 Brewers Lane, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1HH

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